Why choose an Australian wool quilt?

With our wide country being so varied with the weather it is no wonder Australian’s have made Australian wool quilts one of their favourite way to sleep each night.

Jason Australian Wool Quilt

Australian wool is a naturally derived product and keeps you sleeping comfortably all night due to its heat regulating properties and natural breathability.  The wool fibres allow air to flow freely by allowing your body heat to be retained under the covers where you are nice and cosy, while any excess heat and moisture is released through the fibres into the drier environment.

Being wrapped in the soft warmth of Australian wool covered in quality cotton each night will have you sleeping soundly year-round.  With its naturally temperature regulating properties wool will keep you and your family warm in winter and cool in summer.

With many options in a wool quilt, it is important to consider the way you sleep before you decide which is best for you. Most wool quilts are measured by the GSM of wool contained in the quilts; this is a good indication of how warm a quilt will be.  The higher the GSM the warmer the quilt.

Jason Australian Wool Quilts

Jason Australian washable wool quilts are available in two main weights.

Washable Australian Wool Quilt 500gsm –

Superior in warmth the 500gsm quilt is perfect for those cold winter months or all year round for cooler sleepers.  Quilted to ensure even distribution of the premium wool and surrounded by the finest cotton percale cover you are sure to get a great night’s sleep.


Washable Australian Wool Quilt 300gsm –

With the same quilted construction and quality cotton surround as the 500gsm our lighter weight 300gsm is designed for those warmer sleepers that will enjoy the benefits of wool in warmer climates.  With wool being naturally breathable and temperature regulating even in those warmer states of Australia you will sleep soundly with Aussie wool.


Easy Care

Jason Australian wool quilts are easy to care for and are washable for easy care*.  When you get your quilt home, to give you that ‘fresh bed’ feel air your quilt before adding to the bed and give it a shake to ensure any loft is restored.  Doing this regularly as you enjoy your quilt will help with the longevity of your quilt.

Jason Australian Wool Bedding


The woolmark symbol on your Jason Australian wool quilt indicates that the product is manufactured with pure new wool.  Recognised throughout the world, the woolmark is a symbol of quality and reliability.

For a manufacturer to gain permission to use the woolmark symbol we must present a product that meets specific requirements, our wool quilts and other Australian wool bedding undergoes stringent testing on a regular basis to ensure it continues to meet the strict requirements.

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*Always check the care instructions for your individual product before washing.

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