How to choose the correct pillow

We know at the end of the day, all you want to do is crawl into bed and get a good night’s sleep. To make sure you are getting the most restful night’s sleep, it is important to make sure you have the right bedding, as well as the correct pillow to suit your sleeping style.

Choosing the right type of pillow is an individual choice, and the way you sleep is important when choosing the correct type. Supporting your head and keeping your spine aligned is important when sleeping.

Firstly – do you sleep on your side, stomach, front or back?

If you are a side sleeper you would need to choose a medium to high thickness pillow. Try the Jason Breeze Air Memory Foam Pillow, available in contour
Pillow-Breeze-Air-Memory-Foam-Contouror the Jason Breeze Air Latex Pillow The Jason Breeze Air Latex Pillow contains pin holes throughout to regulate heat. If you love the feel of a latex pillow, but find them a little too warm – this is the pillow for you to try.


Front sleepers are generally suited to a softer pillow, look at a pillow with less filling. The Jason Anti- Bacterial Pillow, Medium can be a good option for a front sleeper. The Jason Hygiene Plus pillow is designed for the perfect night’s sleep. The hygiene plus fill kills dust mites and prevents bacteria, the perfect pillow for allergy sufferers.
For those that sleep on their backs a medium thickness pillow can be best. Try the
Jason Breeze Air Latex Pillow


If you suffer from allergies and have a known allergy to feathers or suffer from asthma or other severe allergies synthetic fillings such as polyester, or memory foam pillows may be best for you.

For allergy sufferers we recommend looking at:


Breeze Air Memory Foam Pillow – contour



So when you’re in need of a new pillow or you are having trouble sleeping, and sleep soundly with a Jason pillow.

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