Jason ECO Collection


As a company we are very aware of the need to lower our carbon footprint. The first step to achieving this, was to produce our own pillows and cushion inserts, with the mixture of 60% recycled fibre and 40% virgin fibre. We have successfully been doing this for the past 2 ½ years, and have saved 3.6 million soft drink bottles from going to land fill.

Our recycled fibre is produced from PET bottles, which are sent to China to be processed.

For example, your normal Coke bottles …….
They are cleaned, then de-labeled and broken down into chips. The next process is to melt them. Once melted, the liquid is the same as the liquid form of virgin fibre which is produced from oil.

As we know oil is a diminishing resource. By purchasing product from the Jason ECO Collection, which is made from recycled fibre, you are saving up to 12 x 1.25 litre bottles from going into landfill.

When the recycled fibre is extruded, it has exactly the same properties as virgin fibre. It is sanitized and also siliconised which allows the fiber to move. The fibre is tubular and hollow and is conjugated, which means if you look at one single fibre, it is curly. This is what gives the fiber that bounce to keep on recovering in use. Our Jason ECO range is fully washable.

We also use 100% cotton fabric, of the most premium quality.

The other smart feature we have is a zip to our pillows, which allows the consumer add or take out fibre to adjust their Jason ECO pillow to their personal needs. The great news is that we have been able to produce bedding products made from recycled fibre for the same cost as others made from virgin fibre. This allows the consumer to purchase a product that will help the environment, reduce their carbon footprint and not cost any more.