What is the right quilt for allergy sufferers?

If you suffer from allergies, it can be hard to get a good night’s sleep, if your bedding is making your allergies flare up. So what is the right quilt for allergy sufferers?

At Jason we know it’s important to allergy sufferers to have anti-bacterial quilts for the sensitive sleepers out there. That’s why we have the Jason Anti-Bacterial Quilt.

Filled generously with anti-bacterial fibre for your protection. Ultra Fresh Treated polyester fill can effectively control bacteria, fungi, mould and mildew, algae and house dust mites.

Suitable warmth rating to use all year round, filled generously with the anti-bacterial polyester fill it will provide a warm night’s sleep.

The Jason Anti-Bacterial Quilt is Machine Washable with a quality cotton cover and comes with a 3 year warranty.

Visit www.jason.com.au to view the range of quilts, pillows and bedding available.

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