Australian Wool Quilts from one of Australia’s most trusted bedding brands

Australian Wool Quilts

Australian Wool Quilts are known for their warmth and comfort all year round. Jason has a range of Australian Wool Quilts suitable for the whole family, being one of the most trusted bedding brands in Australia, you can expect quality and value for money.

Jason Australian Wool Quilt 300gsm

Sleeping on or under wool is said to improve sleep quality as the natural fibre is great at regulating temperature and has its own moisture management properties. Australian Wool is a product that is highly rated throughout the world, therefore Australian Wool Quilts are something that should be looked for when purchasing bedding for your family.

Wool is known to be warm in winter and cool in summer as the fibre reacts to changes in body temperature. As well as the scientific research showing that sleeping with wool can be beneficial, there is a certain comfort in knowing you are surrounding yourself with a natural product, and locally sourced.

A Jason Australian Wool Quilt will provide the peace of mind that you are sleeping under something completely natural. A quilt made from Australian Wool will give you a soft and comfortable sleep. Australian Wool Quilts from Jason are paired with a natural cotton cover and are machine washable.

The Jason Australian Wool Quilt is available in sizes to suit the whole family, and two weights. With a 300gsm Australian Wool Quilt for the warmer climates and those that like a lighter feel to sleep under and the 500gsm Australian Wool Quilt for warmth all year round.

Jason Australian Wool Quilt 500gsm

For supreme comfort and warmth all year round, the Jason Australian Wool Quilts will suit Australian families and climates. With a three year warranty, these quilts will have you sleeping soundly in no time.

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