Why choose an Australian wool quilt?

Jason Australian Wool Quilt With our wide country being so varied with the weather it is no wonder Australian’s have made Australian wool quilts one of their favourite way to sleep each night. Australian wool is a naturally derived product and keeps you sleeping comfortably all night due to its heat regulating properties and natural breathability.  The wool fibres […] Continue reading →

Celebrating 70 years with Carlton’s AFLW Tayla Harris.

Celebrating our 70th year as one of Australia’s most well-known bedding brands is the year to get excited and be proud of the brand Australian families have trusted for bedding since 1948! Tayla Harris Carlton AFLW Marquee Player and David McNeil, Managing Director of William A.McNeil & Co (Jason www.jason.com.au) Jason has in the past […] Continue reading →

Jason 70th Anniversary

Jason 70th Anniversary The Jason Brand The Jason brand has been in the Australian market for almost 70 years. Celebrating our 70th Anniversary in 2018. Well known family bedding brand, a family favourite – Australian Wool Quilts. Founded in 1948, Jason is a well-known family bedding brand that has built a reputation of providing quality, and value for […] Continue reading →

Why choose Australian wool products?

Choosing the right product to use for your bedding is an important decision, so, why choose Australian wool products? Natural Australian Wool is a completely natural product that gives all the warmth and comfort you would expect. Wool is a natural fibre that breathes, this helps maintain a more even body temperature throughout night, keeping […] Continue reading →

Which quilt is best for me?

With so many choices in bedding it’s hard to choose what is best to suit your sleeping needs. So how do you decide ‘which quilt is best for me? Do you like the feel of a quilt that is light on your body and suitable for use all year round? Or do you prefer to […] Continue reading →

How to choose the correct pillow

We know at the end of the day, all you want to do is crawl into bed and get a good night’s sleep. To make sure you are getting the most restful night’s sleep, it is important to make sure you have the right bedding, as well as the correct pillow to suit your sleeping […] Continue reading →

What is the right quilt for allergy sufferers?

If you suffer from allergies, it can be hard to get a good night’s sleep, if your bedding is making your allergies flare up. So what is the right quilt for allergy sufferers? At Jason we know it’s important to allergy sufferers to have anti-bacterial quilts for the sensitive sleepers out there. That’s why we […] Continue reading →

Any time of year- choose an Australian Wool Blanket

Choosing an Australian Wool Blanket any time of year is the smart choice with bedding. Luxuriously soft and the very best quality Australian Wool Blankets are the premium choice for any bed.   Australian Wool Blanket Jason Washable Australian Wool Blankets are mid to light weight warmth and 400gsm of Australian Wool. Satin binding on […] Continue reading →